Hileat’s Guide to Downtown Brunchin’

Photo: Instagram @FremontChicago

‘WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE BRUNCH SPOT?’ – Arguably one of most frequently asked questions in all of Chicagoland.  It’s a tough one, though!  It’s tough because there are so many options.  So many great options!  It also depends on where you live, who you’re with, what you want to spend and what you’re into.

For today’s purposes, we’ll focus on just a few River North options, because well… it’s what I know best… sorry – I know there are tons of other AMAZING neighborhoods with unique restaurants and lots to offer, but we’ll hit those another day!

Here’s a quick breakdown of where to go, depending on what you’re feelin’.

Wanna party?

Fremont – Downtown’s biggest day party!  Brunch is offered all weekend, but Saturday is the day.  Everywhere you look is a birthday party or bachelorette celebration, but do you blame them? – it’s a blast.  When it’s nice out, upstairs turns into a rooftop and they’re currently flipping the space into a new vibe every month!  April is ‘Raining Rose’ – that’s the kind of rain I can get behind.

15 W Illinois St.

Brunch : 10am – 3pm Sat & Sun | $35 Buffet

Must Get:  DONUT WALL (enough said)

Wanna be fancy?

Sunda – A River North staple and one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  Endless ‘New Asian’ options, and exciting flavors you’re not likely to find elsewhere. While still upscale, the environment is lively and the service is on point.  Did I mention the SUMO MARY — tocino grilled cheese, steamed duck bao bun, crab handroll, crispy pork belly, wok fired shishito peppers, applewood bacon, sunda potatoes, lumpia, takuan, kai-lan .. ALL IN YOUR BLOODY MARY – check!

110 W Illinois

Brunch : 10:30am – 3:00pm Sat & Sun

Must get:  Crispy Brussels Sprout Salad – it’s not specific to brunch, but if you haven’t had this… you haven’t lived.

Wanna be healthy?

True Food Kitchen – This place just makes you feel healthy (and happy) the second you walk in.  Its bright, beautiful décor perfectly encapsulates their health-driven, seasonal menu.  Plus, you can have all the delicious cocktails you want if you’re offsetting it with a healthy meal, right?

1 W Erie St

Brunch : 10am – 3pm Sat & Sun

Must get:  Smashed Avocado Toast – sure, it’s another avocado toast but THIS ONE HAS SMOKED GOUDA ON IT

Seekin’ seafood?

Shaw’s Crab House – Guys, this brunch is so good.  It’s on the pricey side but it’s perfect for a special occasion.  My friends and I do a Valentine’s Day brunch here every year and it’s always so worth it.  The full brunch experience includes shellfish and seafood stations, traditional breakfast items, hot waffles and fresh omelets, a sweets table and plenty more.

21 E Hubbard

Brunch: 10am – 2pm Sat & Sun | $59 Buffet

Must get:  CRAB LEGS – cold or steamed!

Want bottomless booze?

Troquet – Anyone lucky enough to be off on Fridays or Mondays?  Not your typical hotel restaurant, Troquet offers a bomb Mimosa Brunch FOUR days a week, Friday through Monday.  For only $25, you enjoy bottomless mimosas (for 1.5 hours), plus a brunch entrée.  When they say bottomless, they mean bottomless.  Your glass WILL NOT go empty.

111 W Huron

Brunch : 10am – 3pm Fri – Mon | $25 Bottomless Mimosas + Entrée

Must get: Parmesan Truffle Fries

 Not quite what you were looking for?  Hit me up and I’ll help you find exactly what you need!


I’m here and so are you!

Sup guys and gals, or.. no one.. for now.

My first blog post!  Boy, this is a long time coming.  Why does it seem so much easier to write for a bunch of hours a day at mah ‘big girl job’ than it does about stuff I’m actually into? (I mean.. oh.. yeah I totally love mortgages and writing about those too 😉

Well, no more excuses!  I’m here!  And so are you I guess if you’re reading this!

Hileats dines and dishes and is meant to make you drool, make you laugh and make you feel connected to something…anything.  Because sometimes that is hard – well not the drooling or the laughing but the connecting.

I hope you’ll come here to read about restaurants I’m loving (that you will, too!), drinks I’m craving and home-cooked noms I’m filling my husband’s belly with.  My dog might make an appearance too but that’s because he doesn’t really let me do anything without him.  In fact, right this second I’m rubbing his belly with my foot to keep him from climbing on top of me.

I also have some pretty fab friends who are good at and know about pretty fab things so I hope they’ll make an appearance and take their hand at a post here once and a while too.

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