I’m here and so are you!

Sup guys and gals, or.. no one.. for now.

My first blog post!  Boy, this is a long time coming.  Why does it seem so much easier to write for a bunch of hours a day at mah ‘big girl job’ than it does about stuff I’m actually into? (I mean.. oh.. yeah I totally love mortgages and writing about those too 😉

Well, no more excuses!  I’m here!  And so are you I guess if you’re reading this!

Hileats dines and dishes and is meant to make you drool, make you laugh and make you feel connected to something…anything.  Because sometimes that is hard – well not the drooling or the laughing but the connecting.

I hope you’ll come here to read about restaurants I’m loving (that you will, too!), drinks I’m craving and home-cooked noms I’m filling my husband’s belly with.  My dog might make an appearance too but that’s because he doesn’t really let me do anything without him.  In fact, right this second I’m rubbing his belly with my foot to keep him from climbing on top of me.

I also have some pretty fab friends who are good at and know about pretty fab things so I hope they’ll make an appearance and take their hand at a post here once and a while too.

Let’s connect on instagram – and come back often for more HilEats!


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